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Top 10 BBQ Grills Under $500 in 2019

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Grills are a great purchase. It is easy to spend a hundred dollars on a BBQ grill and get the benefits you need, so you want to get the best. How can you assure that you pick the best and spend your money worth for its quality? For the best results, you have to choose a grill that will satisfy your standard. You need a well-designed, compact, flexible, responsive, and durable barbecue grill. Besides, it must produce a quality outcome. By having these features, you can assure that your money is worth spending. To help you out with this process. We included the latest and the most trusted grill in the market with the best review from critics. This article will help you decide and choose the best barbecue grill for you. Other sites will tell you the best BBQ grill without even taking a closer look, and you end up buying a crappy BBQ grill. We all love BBQ around the house, and there’s nothing better than nicely grilled BBQ meat whenever you want.

If you’re curious or in a hurry.

✅ This specific BBQ Grill is the most popular.

This is an excellent bbq grill, but it is also one of the best under $500 price range barbecue grill online.

It is available in stainless steel and black, customers are leaving raving reviews about this bbq grill. If you’re on time, you can get this grill on sale in Amazon. Now that’s a deal maker for this fantastic bbq grill. (See the current price and customer reviews here.)

Comparison Table for BBQ Grills Under 500

Below are the top 10 bbq grills under $500 this year

ImageProduct NamePower SourceDimensionsBurnersGrilling Area​Our Rating​Buy Now
Weber 46110001 Spirit E210 Propane Gas GrillLiquid Propane Gas32 x 50 x 63 inches2360 square inches98/100
Camp Chef PG24DLXPellet45 x 21 x 51 inches0429 square inches97/100
Blackstone 36 inch Gas GrillLiquid Propane Gas62.5 x 22 x 36 inches4720 square inches95/100
Char-Griller 5050 Duo Gas-and-Charcoal GrillCharcoal and Gas48 x 21.5 x 13.5 inches31,260 square inches98/100
Weber 57060001 Q3200 Propane GrillLiquid Propane Gas30 x 50.2 x 55.5 inches2393 square inches96/100
Weber 15502001 Deluxe Charcoal GrillCharcoal30 x 48 x 43.5 inches0363 square inches98/100
Char-Broil Performance TRU Infrared 450Propane23.4 x 54.1 x 45.5 inches3450 square inches95/100
Weber 16401001 Charcoal GrillCharcoal2.9 x 27 x 33 inches0508 square inches97/100
Weber 45020001 Spirit II E-310Propane52 x 26 x 57 inches3529 square inches96/100
Weber 15501001 Charcoal Grill BlackCharcoal30 x 48 x 43.5 inches0363 square inches94/100

In-depth Review of top 10 BBQ Grills Under 500

Under $500, We’ve put together the ten best BBQ grills that will give you a variety of options in deciding which fits your budget. Buying a bbq grill under $500 can be a confusing process. There’s a lot of BBQ grills to choose. What is the best brand? Which grill cooks best? And we’ve been asked a lot of times what is the best BBQ grill under $500. 

Weber 46110001 Spirit E210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill, Black

Weber 46100001 Spirit S210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill
in this picture -​Weber 46100001 Spirit S210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill, Stainless Steel

Features / Specifications

  • Porcelain-enameled  Flavorizer Bars
  • Electronic Crossover ignition system
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates
  • Durable Two stainless steel burners
  • Grease management system
  • 26,500 BTU heating output
  • 360 square inches primary cooking surface
  • 90 square inches warming rack surface
  • Brand: Weber
  • Model: E-210
  • Weight: 103-pounds

Weber 46110001 Spirit E210 Liquid Propane Grill – Black has all the vital features at a very affordable price. It is equipped with the best quality accessories in all of its distinctive fittings. Guaranteed durability and longevity without a doubt makes it the best gas grill under $500 budget.

When choosing the ideal bbq grill, it is essential to have adequate storage for all needed tools and accessories. By having all these features, you can be sure you’re using the best of this grill. It fits on a tiny space and brings simplicity to your home grilling needs. It allows you to cook roast portions of meat and vegetables. The side table folds down for compact storage.

With Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates, it gives excellent heat retention for fast cleanup. It will not fade, peel or rust. It uses an electronic crossover ignition system for easy one-touch operation of the ignite button to light the two burners. With easy-to-read fuel gauge that lets you monitor your fuel usage and consumption. Only quality materials are used for this grill to ensure long-term usage operation and guaranteed satisfaction.

The black version of this grill is recommended to buy as its surface is so much easy to clean. No need to use much effort for cleanup. This is a quality and durable grill with a fair price to take, the cost is not more than $500, but the quality and the result is worth it.


  • Porcelain-enameled flavorizer bars
  • GS4 grilling system
  • Durability of construction
  • Easy to fold side tables


  • Small Cooking Space Area
  • Lid is made of thin steel

Camp Chef PG24DLX

Camp Chef PG24DLX
in this picture – Camp Chef PG24DLX

 Features / Specifications

  • Includes meat probe and warming rack
  • Reliable smart smoke technology
  • Auto-start electronic ignition
  • Smart Digital-Temperature Control
  • Patented Ash Cleanout System
  • 570 square inches total rack surface area
  • Brand: Camp Chef
  • Model: PG24DLX
  • Weight: 140-pounds

Level up your outdoor cooking experience with Camp Chef Pellet Grill and Smoker. If you’re looking for an outdoor cooking solution that would give you the ability to cook like a professional. This grill has the features you can rely on. It infuses your food with a smoky and savoring flavor. Either high or low temperature, it provides a range of cooking options making it versatile out of the box. This is the best option for you to purchase at its most affordable price.  

It is specially designed with the home griller in mind. Involves a digital temperature readout that carries the flawless work out of the cooking process. Thus, giving more steady smoke and reducing large temperature swings. It has Ash Can Cleanout System wherein ashes are blown all over the bottom and vacuumed out making it easier to clean.

It is effortless to assemble and can be used on right away! This grill has dimensions of 19.5 by 22 inches, warming rack dimensions about 6 x 24-inches, and a total rack surface area of 570 square inches. Worth a size for a grill.

This grill is the best value for your $500 for pellet grills. It has received excellent reviews on Amazon that justify the authenticity of this product.


  • Most advanced digital control
  • Endless versatility – Barbeque, grill, bake, smoke, braise, roast
  • Hassle-free cleanup
  • Very easy to assemble and start up


  • Difficult to get pellets out of the hopper for storage
  • Small footprint

Blackstone 36-Inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill

Blackstone 36-Inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill
in this picture – Blackstone 36-Inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill

Features / Specifications

  • Improved side shelf
  • Battery-powered push-button ignition
  • Powder-coated black steel frame
  • 4 controllable stainless steel burners
  • A total of 60,000 BTU heating output
  • 720 square inches flat top grilling surface
  • Brand: Blackstone
  • Model: Griddle Cooking Station 1554
  • Weight: 120-pounds

Blackstone 36 inch Stainless Steel Outdoor-Gas Grill Griddle Station is famous for backyard grilling, either recreational or commercial cooking. This grill is a great choice to meet your grilling needs. It has quality features, and well-designed. And the price is in the $500 price cap. A reliable grill at an affordable price!

Its distinctive features make it an ideal grill to use. It has a 720 sq inches of flat top grilling, perfect for eggs, pancakes, grilled cheese and more. It composed of a bottom shelf and two side shelves for food storage.

It has battery-powered push-button ignition for a smooth startup and wheels for mobility. Expect its durability and longevity as this grill is built to last. It has a stainless steel frame, stainless steel burners and a thick cold rolled steel cooktop for easy cleanup.  

Best about this grill is the four controllable stainless steel burners with a fantastic heating output of 60,000 BTUs. An ideal heating output for the best outcome of foods. The burners can be controlled from a low to a high temperature for different cooking options.

It uses a 20lb Propane-fueled tank which is placed under the left side shelf of this grill.


  • Removable griddle top
  • Easy to assemble
  • Controllable heat zones
  • Durability and longevity
  • Heats up fast


  • Prone to rust when left uncover
  • Poor grease drain

Char-Griller 5050 Duo Gas-and-Charcoal Grill

Char-Griller 5050 Duo Gas-and-Charcoal Grill
in this picture – Char-Griller 5050 Duo Gas-and-Charcoal Grill

Features / Specification

  • Porcelain-coated cast-iron grates
  • Durable warming rack
  • Easy to adjust fire grate
  • Electronic-Ignition
  • A total of 1,260 sq. In. Grilling area
  • 438 sq. In. grilling area of the charcoal side
  • 438 sq. In. three burner cooking chamber
  • Massive 40,800 BTU heating output
  • 12,000 BTU of a side burner
  • Brand: Char-Griller
  • Model: 5050
  • Weight: 168-pounds

Enjoy your grilling on your weekdays and slow charcoal cooking on your weekends with Char-Griller Duo 5050 Grill. This grill shoots under $500 price mark! As you can see, this grill is stylish and catchy but durable to use making it a great for purchase. Take a review and find its most reliable features.

The overall structure of this grill is made from heavy steel for long lasting durability. The Cooking grates are made from porcelain-coated cast-iron that provides excellent heat retention and an easy-to-clean surface. Both the charcoal and gas sides feature heating racks and temperature gauges for consistent control.

This grill has 1,260 square inches cooking space area. A vast space for preparing various foods. It also offers a condiment basket and a shelf for storage. It has three stainless steel burners with 40,800 BTUs heating power enough to achieve the 500 degrees temperature of the gas side. Both gas and its side burner can be started up by electronic ignition with a push of a button so you can cook in no time.  

This grill is also known for its versatility. It has adjustable charcoal grate height allows the accuracy of heat control for the low and high-temperature sear and a grate lifter to add charcoal easily. Also, the charcoal grate works as an easy dump ash pan for easy clean-up.

With all these details, you can expect nothing less under $500. This grill has it all.


  • Large cooking space
  • Durable material construction
  • Convenient side burner
  • Stylish and compact
  • Four cooking options


  • BTU output is a little low for the size
  • Difficult to set up
  • Heavy to move around

Weber 57060001 Q3200 Liquid Propane Grill

Weber 57060001 Q3200 Liquid Propane Grill
in this picture – Weber 57060001 Q3200 Liquid Propane Grill

Features / Specification

  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates
  • Built-in lid thermometer
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Cast aluminum lid and body
  • Removable catch pan
  • 21,700 BTU heating power
  • 393 sq. In. Main cooking area
  • 75 sq. In. warming rack
  • 468 sq. In. total cooking area
  • 2 stainless steel burners
  • Brand: Weber
  • Model: 57060001
  • Weight: 85-pounds

Discover and experience the best of Weber 57060001 Q3200 Liquid Propane Grill. A new and modern gas grill built with style, durable and comes under $500 price cap. With its size, this grill is perfect for recreational cooking. It is available in propane gas and a natural gas edition and available in different attractive colors. Explore the best features of this new and outstanding grill in the market

The two stainless burners of this grill give 21, 700 BTU-per-hour to heat 393 main cooking surface area. Much power output to grill and cook dishes evenly. Its cooking grates are constructed from Porcelain-enameled cast-iron for durability and cast aluminum lid and body that can resist outdoor elements.

It also features an infinite control burner valve locks that let set your cooking temperature from high to low for efficient heat output. It has an electronic ignition system making it way more convenient. It feels like pushing a button for its smooth operation.

Another feature to discover is that it has a built-in thermometer that displays the temperature and allows you to monitor for any abnormal temperature changes. It includes heat resistant grill handle and 3 tool hooks for the hanging of tools and utensils. And a Built-in wheels to move it from place to place.

The most important feature of this grill is its bracket that secures a 20-lb. Propane tank. So it grants safety while cooking. This grill is built with the superior materials and craftsmanship matches with its excellent performance that suits under your $500 price cap.


  • Easy to use and cleanup
  • Suits for family grillings
  • Stylish and affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Evenly heat


  • Small space grilling area
  • Some parts used cheap materials
  • Quite heavy for its small size

Weber 15502001 Deluxe Charcoal Grill

Weber 15502001 Deluxe Charcoal Grill
in this picture – Weber 15502001 Deluxe Charcoal Grill

Features / Specifications

  • Gourmet BBQ system
  • Heavy-duty steel charcoal grate
  • Touch-n-go electronic gas ignition system
  • Porcelain-enameled bowl and lid
  • Accurate built-in lid thermometer
  • Removable aluminum ash catcher
  • One-touch cleaning system
  • 22 In. diameter of bowl
  • 363 sq. In. main cooking area
  • Brand: Weber
  • Model: 15502001
  • Weight: 91-pounds

If you are a charcoal fan, then this grill suits you. A durable grill with an elegant style and falls under your $500 mark price. Do yourself a favor by reviewing this outstanding grill and find its most remarkable features. With an affordable price, you can get the best quality!

One of its impressive features and seem very obvious is that it has a 22-inch diameter porcelain-enameled bowl with a cooking space area of 363 square inches. This grill features a Touch-N-Go gas ignition system that ignites charcoal with the push of a button. Also has an Aluminized steel One-Touch cleaning system with removable aluminum ash catcher that allows easy cleanup and a glass-reinforced nylon handle.

Another distinct feature is its built-in lid thermometer where you can monitor the internal temperature of the grill, and you can adjust the desired heat as possible. It has an LCD timer with a large readout where you can attach it to the worktable for preheating and grilling sessions. And can be removed if you prefer to take it inside or keep it with you.

The heating temperature of this grill can be controlled by adjusting the dampers, closing it will cut the oxygen flow then extinguish coals. Another feature to notice is the heat shield that prevents the lid handle from getting hotter. You can slide the lid over the side of the grill making it more organized and convenient.

Cooking utensils and tools can be organized by hanging on the hooks making it accessible to users. It has outstanding large storage options with Charbin storage container which protects the charcoal from any dirt and other elements. Plus, its painted metal table is within reach while cooking.

Top on that, it can be assembled quickly. With the instructions given, you only need 35 minutes to assemble it. The assembled dimension will be 43.5-inches by 30-inches.

Now it is your time to experience its best quality. Under $500 budget you can benefit all of its features surely and nicely!


  • Simple to assemble
  • Compartment for charcoal storage
  • Reliable work table
  • Can serve 4 or more people
  • Great for balcony


  • Ash catcher ring is not durable
  • Small space area
  • Digital cooking timer is seemed useless for long cook times
  • Worktable can discolor

Char-Broil Performance TRU Infrared 450

Char-Broil Performance TRU Infrared 450
in this picture – Char-Broil Performance TRU Infrared 450

Features / Specifications

  • TRU infrared cooking system
  • Durable porcelain-coated grates
  • Built-in lid thermometer gauge
  • Easy to start electronic ignition system
  • Foldable side tables
  • 3 main burners
  • 24,000 BTU power of main burners
  • 10,000 BTU power of side burner
  • A total of 450 sq. In. Cooking space
  • 150 sq. In. Warming rack area
  • Brand: Char-Broil
  • Model: 463371116P1
  • Weight: 98-pounds

This 3-Burner Cart Gas Grill is perfect for mid-sized grilling needs. The burners can provide enough heat for efficient cooking and can deliver the tenderness of the cooked foods. When it comes to size, this grill seems not too large, but the grill area is enough to cook six burgers at one time. It also features a 10,000 BTU side burner which can give more convenient in grilling.

Its porcelain-coated grates are guaranteed to withstand rust and corrosions. It has a Surefire Electronic Ignition System that gives a spark at each burner for a smooth start-up. The battery-powered igniter hides under the tray for protection against water incursion. And gas burners are held by pins making it easy to replace.

The Char-Broil TRU-Infrared cooking system does not allow hot and cold spots on the cooking surface of the grill but grants faster cooking with the use of less gas. You can adjust the stainless steel burners to attain high or low heat temperatures across the grates.

A feature that makes it more valuable is its easy-to-read lid mounted temperature gauge that displays the heating temperature of the grill. With this feature, you can ensure that you will get the best quality outcome of your foods.


  • Burners heat up quickly
  • Cooks evenly
  • No flare ups
  • Great backyard grill


  • Takes time to assemble
  • Cooking grates are hard to clean
  • Quite heavy

Weber 16401001 Charcoal Grill

Weber 16401001 Charcoal Grill
in this picture – Weber 16401001 Charcoal Grill

Features / Specifications

  • One-touch cleaning system
  • Removable aluminum ash catcher
  • Porcelain-enameled bowl and lid
  • Stainless-steel hinged cooking grate
  • Bottom wire rack
  • Steel charcoal grate
  • Lid handle with heat resistant
  • 508 sq. In. Total cooking surface
  • 26 in. Diameter of the lid and bowl
  • Brand: Weber
  • Model: 16401001
  • Weight: 63-pounds

You can also check this one. Like most of the grill, it is also ideal for outdoor cooking. But its design differs from other grills. It looks like a kettle and uses charcoal as fuel. And comes with great size. This deserves on the list!

This grill composed a Porcelain-enameled lid and bowl that are heavily created for durability. The bowl itself can withstand massive heat tension and can prevent cracking, rusting, and peeling. The heat shield of this grill will prevent the lid handle from getting hotter for safety. Like most grills, it also has a built-in lid thermometer a beneficial feature that allows for the best result in cooking.

A distinct feature is its versatility to organize things in place. Wherein, the lid cover can be slid over to the side grill preventing it to fall on the ground while grilling and hooks to hang the grilling tools for easy access.

It has a One-Touch cleaning system that works by collecting all ashes and debris from grilling and keeping the grill clean. So need not to worry about engaging for the next activity as it is ready for operation. Whenever you want to set your grill, you can have it right there as it has a durable 8 inches rubber wheels.

Overall, this grill is a great pick when needing a practical and durable grill to use.


  • Durability of construction
  • Low and slow for even cooking
  • Bowl and lid withstand extensive heat
  • Good for outdoor


  • Heavy to carry
  • Small grilling area
  • Charcoal used only

Weber 45020001 Spirit II E-310

Weber 45020001 Spirit II E-310
in this picture – Weber 45020001 Spirit II E-310

Features / Specifications

  • Grease management system
  • Porcelain-enameled flavorized bars
  • Porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates and lid
  • Two side tables
  • Three stainless steel burners
  • 30,000 BTU heating power
  • 424 sq. In. Main cooking surface
  • 105 sq. In. Warming rack surface
  • 529 sq. In. Total cooking surface
  • Brand: Weber
  • Model: 45020001
  • Weight: 110-pounds

This THREE burner grill will do its wonder. Under $500 price cap you will love this and hook with its features. Ideal for house use, outdoor and party. This gas grill will bring you and your cooking to the next level.

Having 529 square inches of cooking area over three burners, sure enough, you can prepare dishes on one side while grilling appetizer on the other. It has folding side tables for additional workspace and for keeping tools within arm’s reach. Also, hooks to hang all your needed grilling tools.

Grates are Porcelain-Enameled Cast Iron durable for longevity and reversible to use. The grates have different cooking sides that will deepen your creativity. The thin side of the grate is best for food such as fish and shrimp while the wider side is ideal to enhance the flavor of the dishes. The three main burners are efficient to deliver 30,000 BTU heating output.

The most important feature is the Weber Flavorizer bar angles that catch drippings that sizzle and smoke, adding savoring smoky flavor to the foods. Any unvaporized drippings are funneled away from the burners directly to the grease management system to reduce the risk of contamination and dirt.

Additionally, it has an infinity ignition guaranteed to ignite every time. With its stunning 10 year warranty, you can ensure its quality and attain a good deal.


  • 10-year warranty to all parts
  • Easy to clean due to the Gs4 cleaning system
  • Flexibility in grilling area
  • Cooks evenly
  • Heats up quickly


  • Assemble takes long as it usually gets

Weber 15501001 Charcoal Grill Black

Weber 15501001 Charcoal Grill Black
in this picture – Weber 15501001 Charcoal Grill Black

Features / Specifications

  • Gourmet BBQ system
  • Heavy-duty steel charcoal grate
  • Touch-n-go electronic gas ignition system
  • Porcelain-enameled bowl and lid
  • Accurate built-in lid thermometer
  • Removable aluminum ash catcher
  • One-touch cleaning system
  • 22 In. diameter of bowl
  • 363 sq. In. main cooking area
  • Brand: Weber
  • Model: 15501001
  • Weight: 91-pounds

Another option for your $500 budget. An affordable yet efficient to deliver good outcomes. It has desirable features you can avail that can give convenience in your grilling. Take a fast review!

It is made from durable materials that withstand repetitive use.  And has an adequate workspace for tools. The workspace is texture painted metal and sturdy that can stand massive heat tension. It has a 22-inch diameter porcelain-enameled bowl with a cooking space of 363 square inches.

This grill features a built-in thermometer which displays the internal temperature of the grill and can be adjusted to attain the needed heating output. Which means you are in control of your grilling. It also has a mounted LCD timer on the worktable for preheating and grilling sessions which is removable when not needed.

The one-touch cleaning system of this grill provides hassle-free cleaning of charcoal ash and debris. It works by swiping all wastes into a removable ash catcher. Having this system is an advantage for a cleaner grill to use. This grill has storage that preserves the charcoals quality and protects charcoals from outside elements.

Another distinctive and favorable feature you will love is the electronic Touch-N-Go gas ignition system. No more torches, matches or whatever just push the button and have a flame. An ideal feature to reduce time and effort. Additionally, you only need a couple of minutes to assemble this grill.


  • Workspace can stand massive heat tensions
  • One-touch cleaning system
  • Electronic Touch-N-Go gas ignition system


  • Small grilling space
  • Larger and heavier than the kettle


Indeed, all options are worthy for $500 budget. All of these grills here are built with features and capable of giving the performance you look for. However, it all depends on how and where you gonna use the grill.

Overall, if you choose any these grills expect your grilling activity will never be the same! Expect to taste the best dishes on the table whenever and wherever you would like to set up your grill.

Well if you are more open to a suggestion and want an expert opinion. I would suggest one grill for you. Because I found and I think this is the best for any use. In fact, many customers are satisfied with its performance. This grill is Weber 45020001 Spirit II E-310.

I recommend this grill because aside from having great features. It is very stylish and durable wherein you can expect to have it for years or more. Plus very portable for its size but not too small. In fact, it can accommodate 4 or more persons to cook for.

Anyway, it is simply a suggestion if you have still doubts to what grill you want for purchase.

As I’ve said, you can guarantee the quality and efficiency of these grills. As these are the best options for you $500.

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